March 22, 2012

I just had to put another post here....

Keven has over 40 days clean right now.
This has not happened for at least a year or more.

His attitude, demeanor, outlook on life - have all changed.

He's the son I knew I was buried under the addiction, and for now he is back.

So, there is HOPE.

I am not naive enough to think this is the end of his journey, it doesn't really end.  He is going to meetings, getting counseling, etc.  It could be the end of him using heroin and other drugs...or it may not be.

For now, I am enjoying each and every second of his clear-headed thinking, sweet personality and enthusiastic attitude.

I miss writing about it.  I know there are people out there that have been touched or helped by this blog and that means THE WORLD to me.  I may still write here now and then, just don't tell my therapist!  ;)

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara
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