August 26, 2009


My son was expelled from school in December '08, his senior year. Graduation day was hard on me as I gave some of his friends cards to congratulate them, I've known them since elementary school. None of his long time friends got into drugs, sure they partied like most HS kids do, but nothing more serious.

When K intentionally took two handfuls of pills (Trazadone and something else - I don't even know for sure what and neither did he) those friends sat with me in the ER. They stuck by K for months after that watching him relapse time and time again.

Now they are pretty much out of his life. They don't even know he's in jail cause they kind of gave up on him, or just got tired of his druggie ways.

Anyhow, the point of this post was to say that K has been attending an independent study high school (show up once a week, grab some homework, bring it back). He missed so much that they dismissed him but allowed him to re-enroll with a promise not to miss any more. Well, he missed yesterday cause he's in jail!

I called his teacher and she said she found a way to give him a temporary leave of absence for 30 days. He only has a few credits left so this is GOOD NEWS.

I love how some people (like this teacher) care about and understand the kids that have problems to overcome. It made me feel great to hear the concern in her voice for my boy. He will be so relieved to hear this, he really wants a "real" diploma.

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