May 12, 2011

Gratitude List

I have a lot to be thankful for, but depression has a way of seeping into my life even when I try to shut the door on it.  It always finds the cracks in the door.  So, time to plaster up the leaks with GRATITUDE.

I am grateful:

1.  I got A JOB!  I have a new job!  I'll be the receptionist for a law firm.  Its part time, M/W/F and I am allowed to be online while the phones aren't busy.  How cool is that?  So anyhow I am very grateful for the job and...

2.  I got the job via someone I met right here on this blog!  Her Big Sad lives near me and her daughter is the one that made me aware of the job because she works there!  So very thankful for FRIENDS.

3.  Keven has been at "United" for a week.  I got to visit him Sunday and it was wonderful.  He has a friend in the adjoining Rehab so we hung out with him, his parents, and dog.  Kelly went with me.  Its a nice atmosphere for visiting.  I won't see him again for a month.  I'm fine with that.

4.  Safe and sound and relatively healthy.  Wow.  So many tragic natural disasters happening around the world and here at home.  My heart aches for all the people in the South that have lost their homes to tornadoes and floods.  And of course, Japan.

5.  My pets.  They bring joy and laughter.

6.  My mother and sister - I could be living on the street right now if not for their financial support.

7.  U2 concert to look forward to (June 18, baby!)

8.  Special friends who listen to me complain about my aches and pains and issues and depression, one in particular, we've never met face to face but I love her like a sister.

9.  I have to make this list go to ten because that's just how I am.

10.  MUSIC, nature, art, books --- so many wonderful things to focus on instead of the dark, sad and tragic.

***For those of you who've been reading here for at least a year or so, guess what song just came on the radio?  Hint, its by Neil Young.

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


Lou said...

What "Joy" about your Good stuff here, so glad to see it all.

Lisa said...

You bring a lot of joy and happiness to others, as did your list of things to be grateful for. And I love your new background on the blog. Wow!

Mike said...


Nikki Neurotic said...

I'm really jealous about the U2 concert, I so want to see them live but I just never can get/afford tickets.

and I'm going to guess that the song was "Needle and the Damage Done".

Anna said...

Yeah about the job!

kc bob said...

Rejoicing with you about the job Barbara!

beachteacher said...

I'm guessing what Silver Neurotic guessed,..but I'd rather it was Don't Let It Bring You Down
Hugs to you,...i love your gratitude's awesome. And I'm SO happy about your new job !! And I get why you want the list to be 10, I would too. LOL

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