March 6, 2011

The Tragedy of Waiting for a Tragedy

Can you imagine if we all treated each other the way we did after the 9/11 tragedy?  I think most people let go of petty issues during the days and weeks that followed, and were kinder and more empathetic towards others.

That happens whenever something horrible goes down and to a much lesser degree when something really good happens (although I can't think of something everyone would agree on as "good", I do think most people would consider events like 9/11, Katrina and other natural disasters as "bad").

Similarly, people are drawn together when they share a common personal tragedy, cancer, losing a loved one, addiction.

They have support groups for most things of this nature.  Some people find comfort in church (I never did, I felt like an outsider even after attending for years.  When I left not a single person called to find out where I was, and it was a very small church of about 100 people.  But that's another topic....)

I wish the world was a kinder place.  A place with less evil, less heartache, less loneliness.  But you know what they say:  Be The Change.  Each time we are kind to a stranger we are making a difference, and I do believe its contagious.

"All the lonely people, where do they all come from...."

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


Syd said...

I never liked church or organized religion. Many seemed like a bunch of hypocrites to me. In fact, I had not much belief in anything but myself and the alcoholic until I came to Al-Anon. I did have a spiritual awakening which is what has kept me going.

A Mom's Serious Blunder said...

I love you Barbara, you have a way of writing things exactly the way I feel. Have you ever been lonely in a crowded room and the answer is yes...all the time. Addiction and other issues can be so isolating at times. Organized religion has been very hard for me to embrace. I always wonder if my lack of religious dedication has lead us down this road. I am very spiritual but is it enough?

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