April 25, 2011

Note to Tina at "Just For Today I Will...."

Tina, I don't have your email so am hoping you see this, or that someone who has your email can let you know.  The middle column of your blog is too narrow to leave a comment, it won't allow us to see the word verification.  Here is what I intended to say to your post of today:

You have every reason and right to be frustrated by this. I am in the same boat and its very discouraging. I can't afford another rehab or a sober living but I don't want my son here or on the street. He's safe in jail today but may be out in as little as a few days or a month and a half. I don't know what the answer is but I feel your frustration and hope we can all find solutions to help our addicts. I think there is a difference between helping and enabling. There are lots of views on how to define both but I think wanting to help someone live in a safe place is not enabling. On the other hand, so many say that when their kid was finally on the street they turned their life around. Like you, I am not ready for that and would suffer a lot if it happened. All of this is hard, confusing and painful :(
April 25, 2011 10:41 AM

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara

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