June 24, 2011

Court Ordered Bowling

Keven will be bowling tomorrow between 10am - 12 pm at the lanes near our house.  His Probation Officer is the one who put it together for all her "people" to bowl with her.  Keven hasn't reached his 60 days at "United" yet so she called and told them it was court ordered.  I think that's funny and very cool.

He seems to continue to do really well there.  Next step (in August) is a Sober Living house.

As for me....I've had a mixed week.  Some highs (meeting my friend Erin in person) and lows (extra pain).

Trying to keep things in perspective.  Hope each of you have a great weekend!!!

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


Lou said...

I hope Kevin understands what a good PO he has. Most don't(or won't) take the time to do something like this. And she is doing it on her own dime!

Both fingers crossed for Kevin!

Anonymous Mom said...

Thanks, Lou. I think he does have a pretty good idea of how fortunate he is to have his PO, judge and attorney. All three of them work exclusively with addict. The judge is always reminding them that "fun is part of recovery!" and she's even showed up for softball games on occasion. Not your typical scenario!

When he tells other guys in rehab about all this they give him a really hard time about how lucky he is - so he's very aware that this is a-typical for a drug court!!!! :)

Hattie Heaton said...

My nephew had a similar experience in drug court and is now 5 yrs sober and a licensed plumber...Keep hoping anything is possible

Annette said...

How's the new job Lovey?

kc bob said...

Sounds like an encouraging PO for sure. So cool about you meeting Erin!

Anonymous Mom said...

Bob, we talked about you!!! :)

I said you were on the top of the list of other bloggers I hoped to meet someday. (Along with everyone who reads this blog!)

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