June 28, 2011

Thanks a Lot, Emma Stone

I don't know who the heck she is, but I officially don't want to see any movies she's in because of this front page article in Vanity Fair that states what her bad habits are:


"That's pretty much it, the heroin, the sugar and the wine -- nothing too crazy," the actress clearly joked when asked about her bad habits."


If she wants to use it, fine.  Its irresponsible for anyone to minimize the dangers of heroin - comparing it to sugar and wine?  I feel ill.

All we need is for some pretty young actress to glamorize what's killing our children.  More young people will think its ok, after all SHE does it, she's rich and famous - it didn't mess up her life.

I wish I could meet her face to face to tell her what I think.

Sigh.  People just don't get it.

If she thinks heroin is "chic" or "fun" she should talk to Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Sid Viscous, Hillel Slovac, Andy Wood, Bradley Nowell, Jonathan Melvoin, Layne Staley, Dee Dee Ramone, Robbin Crosby...I can go on but you get the idea.

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


bill said...

wow...irresponsible... does she wear NIKE sneakers..
our "role models" lowering the inhibitions of a generation already wracked w/ devastation.


HennHouse said...

I agree--so irresponsible and utterly selfish.

Larry said...

I'll agree that this is disgusting and irresponsible... but what else would we expect? This is in the country that idolizes movie bad guys, uses gang graffiti as art, makes car chases the most popular programs on TV, and thinks that teaching in schools is the same thing as indoctrination.

The only thing that saves us from drek like Vanity Fair is that the cell phone generation has such a short attention span that they'll forget all about it tomorrow. I don't get it. Who do these people think will be making the world they're going to inhabit passively?

Anonymous Mom said...

Bill and Karin, I agree.

Karin - if more families were like yours our society would be a better one. I don't say that lightly - its absolutely true. You put family first and your children will have troubles like all humans do, but they have such a solid foundation. They actually play outdoors. I never see kids playing around here - if I do its a rare and happy sight.

And Larry - yes, I know what you mean.

Anonymous said...

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