October 21, 2011

2nd Night in a Row!

WOW - last night I had ANOTHER dream that I was an addict.  This one was more personal because I knew the people in my dream:  a close friend from high school and her brother, who was also a close friend - a very close friend.

Anyhow, in this dream she and I were both addicted but she told her parents she wasn't, but that I was.  Her mother already disliked me because of my involvement with her son and I was so afraid of her (which sort of makes sense, I spent as much time at their house as my own in my teen years and she often scolded and lectured me).  So the whole dream was me trying to hide my friend's addiction and deny my own.  Her brother wanted to help me but I kept wondering if that was what he really wanted from me....


Then Anthony called this morning and he had also bad dreams - the same one almost - the same two nights as me.  His dreams involved him being completely clean and sober but testing dirty for his PO, and having a meth pipe in his pocket when searched.

Is the moon in some weird phase causing disturbing dreams???

Hope we all have a good weekend!

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara

1 comment:

Brandi said...


I have been having some odd dreams to, I don't know why. And it sucks.


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