October 28, 2011

Familiar Story That Ends in OD

Sad story from work today. One of our probationers was in jail waiting for bed space at an inpatient treatment center for the last few months. An officer I worked with had been working hard to get him a bed in a local facility and finally acquired one in the next couple of weeks due to the fact that his family had been calling and calling wanting to know when a bed would be available, he had been waiting in jail so long, why was it taking so long, couldn't he wait at home? Finally they took it to court, I typed the order a week or two ago, and he would be released to his parents and be on house arrest to wait the two weeks for the bed to become available. He was released on a Tuesday and died of a drug overdose on that Friday. He never made it to treatment. Sometimes parents love their children to death.
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 Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara

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