October 13, 2011

"I want to stop, I just can't"

Those were Keven's words to me today on the phone.  All I could say back was, "I know, Honey, I know...."

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


Anonymous said...

Praying for you both...woke up last night in a cold sweat thinking about you and Kevin. Scary stuff...please find some peace and I still think Kevin getting another chance is not out of the realm of possibilities. He must be a very special kid because he has a lot of people who care about him.

beachteacher said...

It's also brain chemicals. I wish he'd done the vivitrol shot. Guessing that's not an option in jail. : (. As I keep saying,.. I'm continuing to pray for him. hang in there Barbara. We're all thinking of you both.

Annette said...

Its just so sad. Would you mind emailing me Barbara? I can't figure out how to get your email address from your profile. lol Now you know how techy illiterate I really am.

Tori said...

That breaks my heart B would say that to me too...It is a horrible thing for us to hear and for them to feel. Once again there is nothing we can do.....Hang in there this may be the help he needs.

yaya said...

When my son said those words to me, years ago now, I repeated to him what they teach in school.

"I can't" is for little kids and translates to "I won't" for adults.

K can stop; maybe it's not his time yet, maybe he hasn't found the "reason" to quit, maybe he isn't strong enough yet, maybe, maybe, maybe.

"I can't" isn't a valid excuse.

As long as he wants to stop and keeps trying, he will eventually come out the other side. But if his attitute remains "I Can't" then he's just making excuses.

Recovery is really hard work. Getting high is so much more fun.

It's his choice.

God Bless

notmyboy said...

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can't; either way you are right...Henry Ford

PS. Can you change the link to my new blog on your blogroll? thanks :)

Anonymous Mom said...

Masyson, thanks for caring so much, I often get those feelings for some of you and your children too.

Lori, I think the new rehab he will end up uses Vivitrol!

Annette, :)

Tori, words we don't want to hear, huh?

Yaya: I LOVE THIS! THANK YOU, I think I'll suggest it for his next tattoo if he can find room for another one. Its true, they CAN stop, it happens - i look around at the success of Andrew, Alex, DD2 and many others and know that they CAN STOP. I needed that.

Notmyboy, EXCELLENT quote. I have that on my quotes blog. As yaya said above - its a matter of choosing which way to think/act. I'll change the link right now.

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