September 13, 2009

Good Jail Visit

My mom went with me to visit K yesterday. It was a new experience for her, she handled it well. She's 85 and I was sitting on the little metal stool (cause of my back issue) and all these nice people tried to offer her a seat cause she was standing. She said "I'm fine, I'm in better shape than she is". I said "Yeah, she looks old but she's strong as an ox". It was a WEIRD mother daughter thing but very cool. THEN she actually rubbed my shoulders as I sat there. I almost cried, I can't remember the last time my mom touched me or showed me affection. The lesson: Often times people grow closer through difficult times. Tragedies can cancel out old hurts and bring people together.

So the visit was good. K  was smiling ear to ear the whole time. He loved seeing his grandma there! They have a special bond since she helped raise him. I really need to post my fave pic of them. She used to dress them both up on Halloween every year and as he got older the costumes got weirder (you know how boys are) and a few of them shocked me that my mom would make herself so ghoulish and have such a good time doing it.

I keep getting off topic. I guess there really is no topic other than my mom and I went to visit K. He was happy. It was good. He's excited about the possibility of "Recovery Court" rather than "Drug Court" and is hoping to be out by Bruce Springsteen's 60th birthday (aka Sept. 23).

So all is looking hopeful.

I am not fooling myself - it won't be "easy", he's still an addict. We will have to be stricter and more careful than ever. All our spare keys are locked away and the keys we use will be kept under our mattresses at night as we sleep. NO CASH will be kept in the house. NO Friends over unless I know them, their parents and feel they are safe.

The list goes on. But still, it was great to see him smiling. He has this funky beard thing going on that makes him look about 30 but he doesn't like shaving in jail, last time he got staph infection in there and is not taking chances this time.

Thanks for caring!


Michael said...

The road to recovery could be long and difficult. I pray that Keven will recognise that he must put recovery first. I will continue to pray for you.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Michael, thank you for your encouragement. I was visiting your blog and noticed my old friend Jim Palmer in your links. I used to correspond with him a lot back before he got so busy. His books are very meaningful to me.

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