July 14, 2011

Good, Its about time!


Just the other day I asked a cop why on earth every drug user knew where to go in Santa Ana to buy drugs but the dealers never seemed to get busted.  He told me they didn't waste their time on the dealers because the second one was put in jail, he/she would be replaced.  He said they were working at getting the big guys - the guys that worked with the Mexican Mafia that ran the whole operation.

So I was quite surprised to see this in my local paper.  It took them TWO YEARS of undercover operations to catch all these guys, but they got 100 of them.

Will it make a difference to the buyers of the drugs?  I don't know, but one can only hope.  Somehow I doubt it.

Here is the article if interested:  100 Arrested in gang, Mexican Mafia crackdown.
"The multiple arrests, which officials said included “soldiers” and the top echelon of the criminal organization, will deal a “staggering and comprehensive blow,” U.S. attorney representative said."

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


A Mom's Serious Blunder said...

I have always wondered the same thing. If I know who the biggest pot dealer in town is why don't the police know? Heck I could probably get his phone number for them!

Unknown said...

I wonder it too as a house close to us does back alley business all the time and I sadly see people in that alley that i used to see in AA meetings...Good work on the cops part though, and maybe it will help.

Tori said...

It was great work. It takes tremendous courage to go up against them.

I hope that it hurts their business for a little bit.

beachteacher said...

Let's hope it helps. I do know the way to go is get up to a higher level of who's bringing it in, that's for sure. Here's an irony....we just hired this guy to refinish our hardwood floors. He was recommended by our neighbor and does this work on the side, as his regular job is being a cop. (My husband got his name and called him...for me, it would have still given me pause.) Anyway, he comes over to give us an estimate, seems like a very nice guy...says that he's about to retire, has done most of his work for many years in undercover narcotics. Geez...that made my hair stand on end in a way,..I was thinking..."and you don't mind coming to our house?" The other thing I thought right away was,..wow,..I could really help you out with some addresses and names of dealers...but of course, I thought better of saying that and kept it to myself. But like you all said,..since we know this so readily,..don't the cops ?

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