July 3, 2011

Not so great day

I'm exhausted.

Keven asked me if I could pick him and his gf up for his day pass, so I did and they hung out over here most of the day then went out to lunch.  While he was gone, Anthony called with good news - a bed finally opened for him at the Detox located in the adjacent rehab that Kev is in.  To make a long story short, I ended up doing his laundry for him and bringing it up there.  He's been homeless for a month, so I felt doing his laundry was a nice gesture.  So I sat there while they did his paperwork, I'm his emergency contact, he introduced me as his mom.  I hope he does it this time but I've learned better than to get my hopes too high where he's concerned.

He has such a sweet baby face.  I could see the desperation in his eyes.  He said he really wants this.  I hope so.

So then I drove back here, stopped for gas and (don't laugh!) drove off with the nozzle still in my gas tank!  I ripped it off the pump.  I stopped my car and set it aside and looked around (knowing I'd have to pay for it) no one saw me.  I decided to be honest anyhow.  $194.00!

Then I came home to let the dogs out before I went to my brother's for a BBQ and ended up letting one of the cats house.  So now I am sitting here hoping he comes back in.  No BBQ for me.  Can't leave with Black Jack on the loose.

I just want to go to sleep.  Keven seemed good, and now maybe Ant will get some help (they kept calling him Tony and I was wondering who the heck Tony was!).  They probably won't see each other much, and I'm not too worried about that.

I just needed to vent.

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


beachteacher said...

oh no....about the gas pump thing. You didn't need that...I could SO seem myself doing that ! My mind is often preoccupied while doing something. As my husband says...what is going on inside that head of yours?
Did the cat come back ? I hope so ! Our cat once was missing for 4 days when it was absolutely freezing(literally) cold and came back, just fine. In fact, she ended up living over 18 yr.s, my mom had her from 5 yr.s on,...she just died a few weeks ago. Cats are quite resourceful and smart..so I'm hoping yours is already back home,safe and sound.
Hope Ant is successful, but I'm glad you're not having expectations either. Hope the rest of your weekend is good.

Annette said...

I did the gas pump thing and had to pay for it too. I would *never* laugh. We both have too much on our minds...thats why stuff like that happens. lol

Thinking about you. You are so kind....right now the thought of doing anyone's laundry is just too much for me.

Anna said...

I hope they saved you some barbeque. You deserved it after that day.

kc bob said...

You are an amazing woman Barbara! The depth of your heart inspires me! If you have not heard these words lately I just have to say them:

Thank you for loving!

Thank you for caring!

Thank you for doing the right thing!

Thank you for being a wonderful example for your son, for Ant, for the people around you and for the people who read your blogs.

Because of you Keven and Ant will never be able to say that no one ever loved them.

Happy 4th dear friend!!

Anonymous Mom said...

Wow, Everbody - thanks for the very kind comments that brightened my day!

I ended up not going to the BBQ because I didn't get the cat in till after 9 (we can't leave them out around here cause of coyotes)

Lori and Annette - yes I was distracted, I was actually on the phone with Keven, talking about Anthony! That's kind of says it all.

As far as the laundry - most of it was already washed, but still wet (he tried using a laundry mat but ran out of time). I actually enjoy folding clothes, I find it soothing.

Anna! So good to see your smiling face.

And Bob - thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hope you and Ann are enjoying your 4th.

Lou said...

I truly believe we reap what we sow. You Barbara, are due for some serious "reaping".

I pray it comes soon and comes often.

Tori said...

Oh Barbara, I don't even know what to say. That sucks about the gas pump but so something I would do. I hope you get some well needed rest soon.

I am going to email you later.

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