February 23, 2011

Is Your State Smoke Free?

California banned smoking in public places back in 1995.  You can't smoke within a certain number of feet of any public place.  Its not allowed at beaches, parks, etc.  But its not that big of a deal because no one around here smokes much!

The majority of smokers around here are the young people** and people in recovery.  Keven started smoking in recovery because out of 90 residents at Phoenix House he was the ONLY ONE that didn't smoke.

And then there are the people like my aunt, who's been smoking for over 50 years and isn't going to quit any time soon.

In the summer of 2009 I spent some time in Wisconsin and it shocked me that people could smoke in restaurants!  It was so weird, I was so accustomed to smoking been looked upon as a gross disgusting habit that it amazed me that people would do such a thing in public (I was smoking myself back then, but not much).  If you smoke around here you are looked down upon (at least in my area).

ANYHOW all that to say I noticed New York is jumping on the smoke free bandwagon and was wondering what YOUR STATE does about smoking?  Is it taboo?  Is it something to be hide behind closed doors?  Is it done in public?  Is it banned?

**The other day we were discussing how to get kids/teens to not try drugs but we still haven't figured out to get them to not smoke.  Its the kids that think smoking is cool that seem to be the same ones that pick up the drugs.

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


Dad and Mom said...

Kansas is finally smoke free in all indoor public places

Bristolvol said...

Since we live on the Tennessee/Virginia "border" (the state line goes down the middle of Main Street). One side is in VA and the other is in TN. One side charges 5 % sales tax, the other side charges 10 %. Tennessee was the first of the two states to abolish smoking in restaurants and all public places. That was about 3 years ago. Virginia slowly followed in December of 09. For about a year, TN smokers would frequent VA restaurants because you could still smoke there. We avoided VA restaurants for the same reason. Now that they are all smoke free, it makes for a much better dining experience on both sides of State Street! (I can't stand smoking).

Bristolvol said...

One more thing: My drug addicted daughter smokes, my son who is not addicted, does not.

Dad and Mom said...

ps.: Alex has smoked ever since he began using. Today he is smoke free. He says he can't smoke when he is in jail so why do it at all. Plus he said, "If I can kick H then i ought to take care of this bad habit too." So he does not now smoke.

Anonymous Mom said...

Bristol, Wow, that's wild about how the two states are split like that. I know not all smokers are addicts, but it does seem like most addicts are smokers.

Ron - good for Alex! I thought jail would get Keven to quit but the first thing he does when he gets out is light up. Ugh.

kc bob said...

Except in casinos Kansas City is smoke free in public places. Missouri, however, is not.

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