January 14, 2012

7 Things About Me

There has been a fun thing going around, "the versatile blogger award" and Tori passed it on to me.  Be sure to read hers too, its great to get to know more about each other.

Here's my seven:

1) As Joan Jett sings:  "I love rock and roll".  I've been a huge fan of rock music since I was 4 years old and saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.  My dad loved it too so I grew up hearing a lot of good music.  I've been to hundreds of concerts, had some interesting music related experiences and met quite a few musicians over the years.  I was even in a band for a short time, but I didn't add much talent, just a "female presence".  Of all the musicians I've met the one that will always mean the most to me was Stevie Ray Vaughan.  He performed at a small venue and I was mesmerized.  He was such a sweet, soft spoken and TALENTED man.  My love of Blues Rock started with Stevie.  (I used to write a music blog, here is a link to all my SRV posts).

2)  I've never been married.  People often assume I'm divorced, but I avoided that by never marrying in the first place.  I'm not opposed to marriage at all - I just haven't met a man that I want to spend the rest of my life with.  But, I still hope to meet him someday.

3)  In 1980 I got my first tattoo.  Back then people literally stopped, stared and pointed at it because it was so unusual.  Obviously today its a national pastime!  I have both ankles inked and a hummingbird and a long vine going down my right leg from the top to just above the knee,  Keven's name is on my ankle above two dolphins.

4)  Writing has always been one of my passions.  From the time I was a young girl I kept journals, wrote stories, poetry etc.  In the last four years my writing has fallen by the wayside (along with several other things I used to enjoy, painting, etc.).  I know its still in me, but for now that passion is dormant.

5)  I'm certified to be a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate.  This interests me because of my own past and is a way for me to help other women/girls.  Its also taken a back burner but I have a few ladies I keep in touch with and one very special young lady.  Some of the most rewarding moments of my life have been a result of encouraging others.

6)  I am very organized, neat, efficient, etc.  I can't tolerate anything in my life being out of order or unclean because it throws me off.  A sign that I am seriously depressed is when I "let things go".

7)  I love animals, all animals.  Way back when a friend and I went on a campaign to make it illegal for tuna boats to kill dolphins.  I'm not saying we are the ones that got that law in place, but every time I see a can of tuna with "dolphin safe" on the side, I smile.

Stevie Ray Vaughan was a heroin addict, he overcame his addiction.  Years later he was killed in a helicopter accident.  This quote saddens me:

Some of us can be examples about going ahead and growing, and some of us, unfortunately, don't make it there, and end up being examples because they had to die. I hit rock bottom, but thank God my bottom wasn't death. 

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


Lisa said...


I can so relate to number six. It makes dealing with addiction even more difficult. In the beginning we think we can sweep up the mess and calm the chaos. Makes it even harder to let go.

Anna said...

It was fun reading your 7. You are a very good writer. I hope you get back to painting again. People who can draw and pain amaze me. I have not concept of how to even start.

Everyone in my family except me is very orderly. They think if the house is in order then life is in order. Lately, I have been trying to learn this attitude. It would not solve my problems but at least I could get a clean house out of it!

Lou said...

The Dad reveres Stevie, dating back to the days when I was in college at UT, and we were newly married. When Stevie died, he had a picture of him framed and put it in his office. It's still there. What an amazing memory for you to have met him!

There is some dispute Vaughn was a heroin addict, but you know a lot more about music than I do. Clearly he was an alcoholic, and some kind of drug addict.Whatever he did, it had negative consequences for him. I do remember he credited AA for his sobriety.

Anonymous said...

I hate tattoos.

Annette said...

D is a huge music man and master guitar player. SRV is his all time favorite musician. I know nothing about music but I do know that when SRV is on in the car, I love it.

I bet you are so good at counseling other women. I just can so see you doing that.

As to organized...I am but the rest of my family is not. Ugh. Enough said. Its really true...I'm not blaming! lol When things are chaotic and messy (either emotionally or physically) it makes me crazy. We can get a horrible phone call and before D is even off the phone, I am walking around picking stuff up and wiping counters, and straightening.

Loved reading your 7 things... none of them surprised me. You are wonderful!

Momma said...

Loved reading your seven, Barbara.

I love rock n roll too... oldies are the best. Also I love writing, I appreciate it very much, but am not as good at it as I would like to be.

Take care

Syd said...

Stevie Ray was a great bluesman. Crossroads mentions his making amends, I believe. Love your list, Barbara. You rock in so many ways.

Dee said...

Barbara - Thanks for sharing about you. I also love Stevie Ray Vaughan's music.
You write in such a conversational way that others feel you are speaking directly to them - and that is a talent.

Have Myelin? said...

Love reading your 7. They don't surprise me at all.

Very niceee.....

Tori said...

Loved reading your 7! We need to keep this going.

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