January 11, 2012

Good News on a New Law~!

I just found out* that as of January 1, 2012 Bath Salts are now ILLEGAL in California!  I am so excited to hear that news.  Of course people can still get their hands on it illegally but at least now if they get caught with it its a felony possession charge so that will make a lot of  the younger ones give it a second thought.  Hopefully.

*How did I hear this news?  Two cops showed up to check on Keven.  He wasn't here and they asked if I minded if they look around.  I invited them in (wearing my pink robe and black socks...ugh) and they searched his room.  They found the caps to a few syringes but that was it.

It was the nice (cute) officer that was here on New Year's Eve.  I told them Keven moved into a sober living tonight (he did) and gave them the address.


Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


Syd said...

It is now illegal here to sell or use bath salts and synthetic marijuana.

Alice said...

Dear Barbara

I came across your blog via Dad and Mom, and just wanted to say hi, as I have read from the beginning now and added you to my google reader and so I felt I should introduce myself, even though I don't know that I would have helpful advice (maybe I would?)

Anyway, i'm Alice and i am an alcoholic in recovery. I'm 32 and have been in recovery since the age of 27 with many relapses. I understand the cycle! The periods in between relapses have become longer and longer but it has taken many stays in the rehab and psychiatric wards of hospitals here in Australia.

Your love for Keven is so obvious and although I understand when people say you need to detach, I understand what it must be like for you when he is so young. I am an only child as well, so I understand some of the stuff that comes with having no siblings. I've also used music a lot as a tool in my recovery - it's my healthy addiction!

Anyway I just wanted to say hi and wish you the best while things are specially tough right now. i would feel weird not to at least say hello since i've read your blog and will keep reading.

I have a blog, but it is on livejournal, and it is friends-only. i would be happy to add you if you happen to have an lj account.

best wishes,

LL Cool Joe said...

Great news!!

Maybe the cute officer likes pink robes and black socks. ;)

Erin said...

They are illegal in New York as well. I'm glad that Kevin moved into the sober living house, it must bring you some peace knowing where he is. It sounds like the cops were looking for something so that they could charge him. You are not obligated to let them search your home without a warrant. I've been thinking a lot about you and Keven, it just is so hard for us as mothers I mean we have that mother's heart and it is the most difficult thing in the world to detach and let go. I'm working on it myself, some days are better than others. You both are in my prayers daily. Take care Barbara.

beachteacher said...

Hope he's there now,... Is he ? As in, you've had confirmation ? And I've got to say,....I'd sure as hell never let those cops in. But then again, I've had very negative & b.s. police experience. I'm thinking of you here !

Tori said...

Of course one of them is cute! They should at least have called to allow you time to change! lol

I bet you looked adorable.

I am so happy he is in sober living.

Mary Christine said...

I used to huff aerosol deodorants. Glad they didn't make deodorant illegal!

Anonymous said...

Bath salts are illegal in PA also. Thank goodness! I've read many horror stories about people that have used them.

Ms Hen said...

Gosh I never heard of bath salt being a drug?? wow.. amazing.. all the crazy things people will try to get high on.. (very sad too).

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