May 22, 2010

Bad, by U2

I had breakfast with two good friends this morning.  One asked "so how are you doing musically?"  This sounds odd, but I know what she meant.  She knows that my passion is music.  Music makes me come alive.  When talking about my favoirte bands my eyes light up, I become animated and excited; the inrtoverted me takes a back seat when it comes to music.

So when I mentioned that I may not go see U2 this summer (not because of Bono's recent injury, because I just don't feel like it), she was worried about me.

Its true.  I haven't been myself.  I usually LIVE for the summer concerts and there's a few good ones coming up.  I have no desire to go.  But hopefully that will change.

I came home and put on some U2, and it helped.  I listened to a song Bono wrote when his good friend Phil Lynott from the band Thin Lizzy, died. (check him out on my GBNF blog*)

Phil died from years of abusing drugs.  It reminded me that addicts have a disease.  A disease that is not easily treated.  A disease that controls their every thought and action.  I can't imagine trying to fight a disease with no cure that had the potential of ruining every aspect of my life, and, to top it off, left me being looked down upon as "weak" with little compassion and understanding from society and sometimes friends and family.

Phil never recovered from the disease.  His drug of choice:  Heroin.

The song is called "Bad".

A few lyrics that stand out to me:

If I could, 
you know I would
if I could, 
I would let it go
this desperation
in temptation

*Ironically, when I started "Gone But Not Forgotten" over five years ago it was alarming to see how many of the rock n roll deaths were attributed to heroin.  Little did I know then its evil grasp would someday snare my own son.  Last night he said "I will use it again someday."  God help us all...

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


Syd said...

Maybe he will decide that he doesn't want to use. I hope so anyway.

LisaC said...

He can decide to use again; but he also has the power to decide against ever using again. Let go and let God take this burden. You are both in my prayers.

Bristolvol said...

One day at a time. Right now he is not using. This is a good thing. Nobody knows the future. Hell, maybe we'll all be using some day (bad joke, not very likely). The point I am trying to make is that we need to live in the now, and not let us be bothered by what may or may not happen. BTW, My son went to the U concert recently in Atlanta and loved it. You need a life and you need to go! Please, do it for you!

A Mom' Serious Blunder said...

He just doesn't have to use "today" ...and tomorrow when he gets up he just needs to tell himself that, he is just not going to use today and so on and so on. I am one of those strange people that easily gets overwhelmed and breaking it down day by day is comforting. It's what I tell myself in the morning too.
TODAY< I don't have to let J's addiction determine what kind of day I am going to have... and then I pray for him. Hey! I guess that's what that one day at a time thing is?

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