May 17, 2010

Parking Ticket Fiasco

This is getting ridiculous.

A few weeks ago Keven got a parking ticket and apparently said some smart-ass remark to the guy that works for the parking company.  But, he did learn his lesson and made sure to put money in the parking box thing from that point on.  He has to use this parking lot twice a week for probation.

Well, he's gotten three more parking tickets and he PAID EACH TIME.  He told me if I didn't believe him I could ask (he named two of his friends) because they saw him pay, and today his buddy put the money in since Keven drove.

I think this parking dude is targeting Keven's car.  Its a very small lot, only 20 spaces, so it would not be hard for him to remember the car of the kid that made the rude remark.

So what are our chances of getting these tickets dropped?  Somehow I doubt they will believe him if he calls, or probably even believe me.  But I believe him because he has witnesses AND he would not intentionally not pay three weeks in a row.  He has issues, but I believe him in this situation.

Ugh.  It makes me mad.

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