June 2, 2010

More drama UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy to report that the Keven related drama is over...the people involved (the accusers) dropped their claim against Keven's girlfriend's family because -it was a frigging lie and they knew it!  Keven was implicated by association - they didn't even know his name.  The sad thing is it was the principal of a school that made the false accusations...who can we trust these days?

BUT there is new drama related to Anthony and his gf, "Kelly".  This is sad.  Ant called me wondering if I knew where Kelly was.  I had a gut feeling that she was out using again yesterday because she was suppose to come see me and made up a stupid excuse.  So Ant asked me to look up and see if she was in jail.  I did, she wasn't.  Then he asked me to send him $200 so he won't get beat up for owing money (gave me a BS story that I KNOW means he used drugs in there).  I said SORRY, but I can't.

Ten minutes later I get a call from Kelly.  She was with her parents, they had just picked her up from JAIL.  She was arrested yesterday for being under the influence.  

Then the phone rings and Ant's dear grandmother asked me if I would take $200 to Western Union so Ant doesn't get beat up.  She is not able to drive herself.  I said sure.  I am doing it for her.

I feel embarrassed even writing all this down and looking at it...how did this become my life?

This is what happens to nice normal people who's kids get messed up with drugs.  Its never ending drama.  I hate it and won't participate any further other than doing what I feel is right to help Keven.  

From earlier:
I can't even discuss on here what the latest is because there are legal implications.  I am remaining calm because its so ridiculous but its still causing stress.

Also found out that Keven's dr. is retiring in July.  This is not good news.  He loves his dr. and so do I.  I've heard horror stories about psychiatrists that just dole out meds and meet with their patients for a few minutes at a time.  This guy talks to Keven for a half hour or MORE each visit.  Yesterday he talked to him for an hour an a half (no extra charge).

Why do good things come to an end and bad things keep happening?  (that's a rhetorical question!)

Today Keven seems to be having a good day....even with this latest drama.  I am just NOT going to allow myself to worry.

Peace, Hope and Love, Barbara


Jan said...

Barbara, Private email me.... I would love to be here for you!

SilverNeurotic said...

at least you have a few weeks to find a new doctor. next appointment see if keven's current doctor has any recommendations. if you can't find a psychiatrist that also counsels, find a therapist along with a psychiatrist if you can afford it.

Walkingborder (Karen) said...

God I don't know what I'd do if my doctor retired. Luckily she is young so that's a ways off. Otherwise I'd be lost.

Syd said...

Hang in there. Glad that you are detaching from the drama. Good for you.

Barbara said...

Syd, thank you for recognizing that. I am so detached right now...kicked back in my favorite chair with my sweet little doggie snuggled up by me. I think she and I were meant for each other :)

Heather's Mom said...

I had to shake my head when you mentioned A's grandma... seems like grandma will always do what they want. I know too much now, when I'm a grandma - watch out!
Maybe the Dr has some good ones/like-minded ones he can refer you too... I can imagine how disappointing that is.
I'm glad the drama got cleared up and even more thankful that K is having a good day.
Love & hugs to you.

Addiction--Mom trying to Detach with Love said...

I am glad the drama was cleared up. I went to a meeting tonight and shared how hard it is for me sometimes to stop the negative worry thoughts from consuming me. Someone said to look in the mirror and say "you're fired". LOVE IT!!! Hope that helps:)

parentofanaddictcdcb said...

Oh the drama! Goodness knows we'd love to take a day or two off from it. That would be the beauty of "parent rehab" lol.
I am sooo glad to hear that you are being so strong through all of this. Detachment is one of the hardest things for me. You are an amazing example to all of us!
I'm glad that it was all resolved and Keven is having a good day.
Prayers and hugs

Kristin said...

I like the idea of "parent rehab". We'd go to retrain our minds to forgive, forget and ease the constant worry. Instead, we have to rely on cuddling with a dog. For the time being, it seems like a good substitution.
I think it is a great idea to find a therapist who Keven can see more than once a week if possible. Usually the cost of seeing a psychiatrist more than once a week is prohibitive. Too bad you found such a good one and now he is leaving his practice!
I'll be thinking about you today, Barbara, and hoping there is a little calm residue that carries over from yesterday.
xx kris

Dad and Mom said...

I found a great parent rehab organization. They have places all over the country.

It is called Harley Davidson. There may even be one in your town.

A Mom's Serious Blunder said...

I sometimes think God seriously over estimates the ability of any one person ability to handle things. Please God give Barbara and Kevin a break from drama. They are good people and deserve some quiet time. I will take some too...if it's available. Just saying...

Cheri said...


Hang in there, sweetie. It is so hard.


brian7 said...

We all need help sometimes and when I needed depression treatment I knew there was somewhere I could turn.

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